Monday, 8 February 2016


南華早報的訪問,談談2016年的星象 :

//Astrologer Jupiter Lai said Saturn and Jupiter form a hard aspect of 90 degrees square until 2017. She said as Jupiter stands for expansion and Saturn represents restriction and structure, challenges will be expected under the harsh aspect.
“The over expansion of the economy from the past few years will be challenged. There will be a slow down,” she said. “But at the same time, a new order will emerge.”
Saturn will also form a square with Neptune, a planet of dreams and illusion. “Saturn is about the reality. Thus bubble will burst. But if your dream can be substantiated, this is the year for you to realise your dreams. Expect a new development in virtual reality this year,” Lai said.
And as for Hong Kong, political challenges are expected, as Uranus, a planet of revolution, conjuncts the natal Saturn in the city’s astrological birth chart.
“Saturn also stands for hierarchy and system. When Uranus sweeps across this planet, the old system will be challenged. A new set of culture and value will emerge,” she said.
“Having a stable job or owning a property will no longer be the definition of success in the eyes of the young generation.”//
這次報導內容講解本年木土四分、土海四分,以及流年天王合相香港盤的土星。Let me recap in Chinese :
而當然,香港盤的土星被流年天王觸碰,帶來混亂衝突紛爭,舊有的制度、架構、權威會被新的力量衝擊,混亂在所難免,但在混亂之中,新的價值觀和文化會走出來。(例如 : 以前成功的定義是在大公司工作、有title、有幾多層樓 etc,現在新一代,反更為尋求自由自主,寧做自由業,以及共享經濟之出現等)

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